Wooden Homes

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For thousands of years people all over the world were building their houses of wood. Today we are speaking about wooden homes as a wooden architecture, pure and ecological space for life. We offer dwelling houses and cottages. We construct wooden high-mountains hotels, tourists leisure, resorts, camps as well as any kind of architectural landscape elements such as summerhouses, open-air barbeque kitchens, pergola & gazebos and many other projects. For all times log homes are famous by their durability and comfort. Wood logs are very useful for constructing bathhouses and saunas, which can be built as separate small log homes or inside your house. In both cases you can be quite calm about safety. If you choose one of them we can transport a complete log house kit to the place you wish and construct it as soon as possible. Our most successful project is developing of unique individual luxury log homes. You can order exclusive outside and inside dressing, different living levels. We’ll take care to make all interior features with roundish edges and smooth surfaces. Wooden homes are very cozy for your kids. Our company has great experience in constructing of wooden cottages for mountain skies hotels and tourists leisure camps. People who will come there to have a rest can really feel another sense and have full-fledged slumber.

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