Wooden Home at its Best

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We use modern technologies to manufacture round logs, which do not allow them to burst or spoil. Our specialist can consultant you about the wood choice. Pine is often chosen for its bright colour & natural texture. The natural substances that Pine Wood contains help human organs to fight against ageing & occurrence of different diseases.It is well known that Siberian Larch is most useful for wet & cold climate due to its longevity. During constructing of wooden houses at coastal areas it is better to use larch wood. This material is naturally resistant from moisture & decaying so you will admire its durability. Give yourself a chance to enjoy a wooden home, that will embrace you with its warmth & comfort. As wood is an alive material, made by Mother Nature itself, it will bring all its healing properties & good energy. Solid, joyful & light-minded just as you want your home to be. For our projects we provide preservation from insects & decaying & also from fire & inflammability. We help to built your house in beauty & safety – just the way you want.

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