Wood was traditionally considered as one of the most solid construction materials in India since centuries. From Himalayan temples to kings’ palaces in Kerala and mansions in Goa and Gujarat, one can find wooden structures all across the country. And they, irrespective of age, stand firmly in their original beauty. 

Himachal Pradesh is a land of thousands of wooden and stone temples scattered throughout the hills and valleys. The ancient temples of Himachal Pradesh are widely known as exemplary specimen of local craftsmanship. In the eastern half of Himachal Pradesh all buildings from folk houses through temples and palaces generally take the structural system of Kath-kuni, making beautiful striped patterns on their walls with alternate white stone and dark brown timber. Many of the smaller temples are made completely of wood highlighting the folk traditions prevailing in 14th-16th centuries.


In modern India with its growing population and depleting natural rain forest wood as construction material became quite rare giving prominence to steel and concrete. However, the number of environment conscious people is growing too, diverting the choice of many builders and developers to this strong, energy- and cost-saving material.2

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