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Cities with developed infrastructure, jungles of glass and concrete buildings leave little time for people to enjoy the beauty of surrounding nature. Leave alone the opportunities to breathefresh air and maintain comfortable and healthyenvironmentforourfamilies.


Many people dream of escape from citytension during the weekends at least. Having a second home in the city outskirts or near the sea side orin the hills is a great opportunity to get refreshed after busyweek and spend greattimewith your family surrounded by nature and peace.


By choosing a wooden house as your second home you give yourself and your family a ticket into a new life. Life full of freshness, calmness, naturaltouch and happy hours spent.


We build Maharaja log homes thinking about your dreams and desires, that is why we choose the best construction material on Earth.We not only buildwooden houses but design complete environments helping improve physical aswell as mental healthand well-being.


Couple of days spent in Maharaja Log Homes is equal to a week of body and mind treatment program. Natural oils and phytoncides of Siberian wood we use energize your body while simply breathing, revitalize and clear itfrom toxins.


With highly skilled workforce, our company is capable of engineering, manufacturing and managing turnkey scope for commercial and residential projects as well as custom designed wooden log houses for individual clients. However, not only technology or expertize are our best advantages, but human touch that we give to all our projects. Building our log homeswethinkaboutyou, your satisfaction, enjoyment and well-being- and you will definitely fill itafter spending few hours in log homes built by Maharaja EnvironmentTechnologies.

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