Maharaja Log Homes are getting prefabricated with our partnering Company in Russia, the country having the world’s largest forest reserves; about 22% of the world forests.

Russia itself has a remarkable ancient tradition of wooden construction that dates back to the tenth century, with the remains of Medieval fortresses demonstrating the sophistication ofthe Nordic wooden construction methods employed across Russia and Scandinavia at the time. Rich in extra quality wood Russia developed greatest traditions of wooden buildings from simple private wooden homes to scenic churches like one in Kizhi village.

In Central Siberia where we get wood for Maharaja Log Homes, summers are very short and winters are very cold, so trees grow very slow and the quality of wood from this region is much better. Sometimes density of Siberian timber is double if compared with European species. Due to dry summers with short vegetative periods trees are induced to shade brunches in early stage of bowl development making the lumber milled from pine logs less knotty.

Russian Pine has strong, heavy and compact wood which was proven to be the best for log homes construction both by cost and by quality. Another great quality wood widely used for construction in Russia and Europe is Larch wood which is harder and naturally water-, decay-, insect- resistant thus is ideal choice for exterior application.

Our wooden homes are built with use of solid Siberian Pine and Siberian Larch wood following traditions used centuries ago while facilitated with modern technologies for easy and fast construction.


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