Russian Fairy Tale

Russian Fairy Tale (1) Russian Fairy Tale (2)
Russian Fairy Tale (3) Russian Fairy Tale (5)
Russian Fairy Tale (4)

This enchanting hand crafted fairy tale home constructed from Russian Pine Logs will make you feel calm & rejuvenate from every little corner & it also makes for a highly comfortable & cosy environment. Nothing compares to the beauty & artistry of a hand crafted log home. Each log is individual selected & placed using our non-settling system. The look of hand crafted log home brings to mind of historic & landscapes homes. Hand crafted log homes is considered as the strongest structure & energy efficient. The round log home is designed & built to last generations. The living room of this house designed to be light, airy and classic with Russian features. Each of its four sides has its own story & colour. Material used throughout the spaces i.e; natural wood create an “ancient noble” effect. This unique log home is situated between the trees which will take you more closer to the nature. This Russian jungle house is been made up of hand crafted round log by us for you to relax in the laps of nature.

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