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Wooden houses became increasingly popular all over the world over the last decade. For many centuries, wood was the main material used for building all
types of shelter. And that’s because it was easy to obtain, easy to craft, handy to work with and easy to maintain. Maharaja Log Homes is of India’s leading company that provides wooden framed houses . Their range of products extends from small, chic houses to large, luxury villas. After gaining more than 20 years of international experience building different wooden frame houses, mostly in Russia, the founders decided to start an important and extensive partnership with one of the most important Siberian wood processing plants. This fact gave them the opportunity to work with the best wood processing technology in order to create special wood frame construction perfectly suited for the Indian climate.

The wooden frame house provided by Maharaja Log Homes comes in a large variety of both single and double story buildings. All buildings can be designed and customized both in the traditional style as well as in the ultra-modern style trends. No matter the exterior design choice, wooden house represents the best option for all those who are looking for affordable a wooden home or raw house. A wooden framed house is extremely easy and fast to build. It only takes approximately 10 to 15 days to finish raising a structure (calculation made for a site of about 300sqft). The thickness of the walls can vary from about 21 up to 33mm and they are made out of planks in double wall with thermacol insulation in between them, a fact which makes them very light and easy to manipulate. Tongue-grooved planks are tightening very well in elevation, thus forming a very steady and good insulated structure for the building. The roof sandwich with a 100mm layer of Rockwool placed between the roof beams works as a very good heat and noise insulation. Another advantage for this kind of house is that after you talk to the builder about different houses designs and establish what you want, the
design will be custom made to suit your needs and budget. Also, time of construction is way reduced because Maharaja Log Homes prefabricated 75% of the structure before it delivers it to the construction site. The advantages of choosing a wooden house frame over a classic one are often obvious, as wood does not rusk and often lasts longer than other composite materials. The expertise the company has in buildingwooden house frames is absolutely astounding and the workforce, they employ is skilled and well trained. All these aspects prove that the wooden house framing structure is the best option for building a safer, more durable and cost effective home.

For ages people all over the world have used wood for building constructions in remote locations. Bearing great properties wood is: strong and light, and
has an exceptional load-bearing capacity. Wood is also very easy to manipulate and transport. When talking about wooden homes, the need for massive foundations is reduced considerably, the fact which is essential for beach resorts, holiday homes, villas and other buildings. Maharaja Log Homes
prefabricated wooden homes, villas, pavilions or gazebos are specially created for beach areas and hill resorts. Their designs blend is specifically made to blend artistic originality with technological engineering excellence. The beauty and individuality of these wooden structures add style and value to any property, commercial or private. If you are thinking or considering building a home, check them out. A house is a great investment. Working with the Maharaja Log Homes team will ensure you the beautiful, stylish and well-designed home which you always wanted.

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