Maharaja Log Homes – Most Convenient and Comfortable Building Construction for Luxurious Log Homes

In olden days cabin houses were built for the primary purpose of providing
shelter but in today’s context they are considered landmarks, especially if it is made to luxurious architectural home design elements. In India , logs are increasingly becoming the latest rage in construction trends. Log homes offer distinct exotic individuality
and they represent the unique nature, embracing culture of India. At Maharaja Log Homes we have a dynamic and updated collection of exciting open floor plans complete with vaulted ceilings, majestic windows framing spectacular country views and cozy inside spaces among many other

Maharaja log home designs for the future inspired by the traditions. At Maharaja Log Homes we strongly believe in incorporating your personal style to the
house design so that your home is a place where you have utmost conveniences and total comfort. Our custom log homes comes with extensive architectural
styles and the chance of building on versatile options including round, pre-manufactured, modular, cabins or houses. The professionals at Maharaja are
experienced in creating interiors and exteriors with endless possibilities using distinctive wooden options. As log home manufacturers, our name is
synonymous with comfort, convenience and luxury. Our manufactured designs are custom made to homeowner needs and desires. Each log house has its unique
personality and we follow the hottest design trends in building log homes.

Futuristic log cabins with consistent quality

We have set a pioneering trend in India with cutting-edge log home building technology free of insulation issues, air infiltration, log-wall settling, etc.
Maharaja has designed luxury plans and built log homes compatible with
Indian climate. They stay naturally warm during chilly nights and refreshingly cool during the hot sunny days. Many other log and timber home manufacturer have tried to follow in our wake, to adopt our innovative building system. We are proud of our status as an industry leader
constantly introducing innovation and sustainability using the perfect construction material used for many millennia.

Your space can be big or small but the impact will remain big

Many home owners now prefer minimalistic living styles, but with distinct qualities of elegance and comfort. Our master log home builders incorporate
versatile ‘bells and whistles’ to your small log home to make it totally luxurious and comfortable. Our clients enjoy living in luxury compact or spacious
custom log homes with all their favorite personalized amenities.

Stylish designs with loads of functional detailing

We understand that you have your own ideas for a dream home. We incorporate all your sentiments through careful planning and detailing in the overall
appearance of our log homes. Whether building from scratch or ordering a pre-manufactured wooden home our client’s unique vision is a top priority for
Maharaja Log Homes. Even when trends come and go the majestic wood homes built by us will continue to see you through thick and thin standing for
generations offering the ultimate in luxury, comfort and convenience.

If you dream of owning an Indian log home, choosing a tailor-made design from a top profiled Indian log home builder like Maharaja Log Homes gives you the
distinct advantage of top quality construction techniques, high standard material and unrivaled standards in aesthetics.

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