The Maharaja Log Homes always Guide you – How to Construct Wooden Frame House

Everyone dreams to have his or her own house, personalized in a perfect manner to deliver high end comfort as well as lavishness. Now, for building a house, different people have different ideas. Some people prefer a traditional style, while a lot of us prefer contemporary style. If you have a unique preference for building your house, then choose wooden homes. Log houses look awesome and highly sophisticated. Living in a small but stylish log home brings a lot of happiness. Most of the people choose to build their second home in a holiday destination in such style. Regions, where winter is the dominating season, are perfectly suited for log houses.

Building Wooden House – Is It Expensive?

When it comes to wood frame construction, expense becomes a relative term, as different types of materials are found. Depending upon the choices of materials, the cost has been determined. To be honest, choosing the best materials is recommended for the safety, strength and security of the house. Raw wooden frames are used, and high quality wooden frames should be purchased for the development of wooden frame house. However, wooden house is cost-convenient from another aspect. The Frame based wooden house does not require ample of time to be built. It overall takes only 10-15 days. So, it is time saving and thus, it is cost-saving too.

Wooden Houses at Maharaja Tech

For building wooden frame houses, the primary condition is finding a good service provider for developing a house. The service provider should have knowledge, exceptional skills and immense experience to do the job with precision. The good service provider should always enthusiastic to cater services as per clients’ requirements. This is what we do at Maharaja Tech. We are a renowned, trusted and esteemed service provider for developing high quality, stable and sophisticated wooden framed house. There are certain things to make the wooden framed houses secure and strong. We maintain those basics religiously.

For building the walls of the house, we generally use 15 or 33 MM planks with thermocol insulation. The insulation par is important to save the house from electric hazards or heat waves. In winter your house stays warm and cozy inside, while in summer it stays cool – all thanks to effective thermocol based insulation that we install. For wooden house frame, tongue grooved planks are used in order to give stability to the household structure. At Maharaja Tech, we know the science of building wooden houses or log huts. It is your wooden house frame dream to have a house and our job is to convert your dream into reality.


Different Types of Wooden Houses

Building houses with wooden house frames is not a job that has a fixed pattern. New strategies are used for building different shapes. Different kinds of methodologies as well as technologies are incorporated in different house development projects. At Maharaja Tech, we are completely well versed to build effective wooden house framing structure. We are outfitted with the latest technologies, machinery and dedicated labors. Not just the job with perfection, but completing the project within the quickest possible time is our commitment.

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