Log Home your Guide to construct a wooden Log homes

Log Homes are very natural and less expensive than other types of homes. Log Home is almost maintenance free and even earthquake proof. As we know trees are renewable resource, log homes comes from rich green pedigree. While building a home with solid logs, we are taking the carbon out of the environment in those logs for complete life of the home.

The people who think brick home are more durable than log home? Inform them that log home can last for about 500 years if we built it properly and take correct measures for foundation and the roof. There is still a log home used in Europe built 800 years ago. And a church build with wooden logs in Russia is almost 1,700 years old.

mexico style log homes

The log Homes has many successful stories for bearing a worst weather conditions, even including the Hurricanes Rita and Katrina in 2005. In eastern Texas, a giant oak tree crashed due to Rita’s winds over the roof of the Menlo Klingman’s 1,700 sq.ft Satterwhite home, the solid log walls withstood the weight of the fallen tree and prevented much of the damage. Menlo’s wife Mickey said “There is no doubt that this log home saved our lives”.

As we know that this building material is directly from nature, these homes blend totally into the topography. They integrate completely into the landscape, rather than being artlessly imposing on it. They can be built in any shape and quite flexible than othet modes of construction. Additions like doors and windows can be designed anywhere even after building is completed making the process more flexible.

A sample of completed wooden log  home can be seen here

Building a wooden log home is very creative process by considering the innovations and requirements of the customers and providing a unique elegant style. More important is the flexibility of the construction modes which let us modify and redesign post building.

Log homes today have plumbing, dishwashers, wall to wall carpeting, air conditioning, hot tubs and much more features that can be added on demand.

Very Common Myths about log homes

1) Many believe that log homes are unsafe and more of a fire hazard than a conventional homes. In fact, the burnt logs can be easily sandbusted to restore the original looks or can be even replaced.

2) Many believe that log home is more vulnerable to insects than a conventional one. Its not truth, they are less vulnerable and much easier to detect insects.

log homes Interior

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