10 Unique Ideas To Build Luxurious Round Log Homes

You can use custom log home design ideas to build the luxurious home you
have always wanted. Unless you are an experienced and talented designer, it is not easy to design a log home, oblivious to what other log home owners have done. You can determine what is likely to work out for you by familiarizing yourself with what other people have done. Most ideas are just refinements of
existing designs. The following are 10 unique ideas on building a luxurious round log home.

  • Use stock plans – Stock plans are plans that are offered by log home companies because they can be modified easily to suit individual
    needs and have a good general appeal. Stock plans are useful sources of ideas, for the floor, layout and look of your log home. One of the companies that offers plans, catalogs in India is Maharaja Log Homes. The other dependable source log home plans is magazines that specialize in log homes.You can find luxury plans for log home from such magazines.
  • Explore and choose your log house style – Choose a log house style that excites you. Consider if you prefer a handcrafted or manufactured home styles. A manufactured log house is made with logs which are milled into a designed shape. This produces uniform logs without taper.
  • Visualize the traffic flow in your home – When visualizing the design of a custom home, you may examine the things you like about the house you currently live in. Consider the things you would like to keep and the ones you would like to change.
  • Build a prefabricated house – A pre manufactured or modular log home is comprised of materials that
    are individually crafted in a factory, either in whole or in part. They can be referred to as log cabin kits. All the logs that will be
    used to build the house are created in shape according to the individual placement within the structure of the completed house. The logs are clearly marked
    accordingly. They are then transported unassembled to the building site.
  • Utilize visual aids – Most people cannot design a house unless they have a computer design program. Fortunately, in this computer age,it is easy to find home design software. You can use the software to come up with an appealing layout. After this, you can show the printout to a professional who can draw up the final plans.
  • Tour sales models – You can visit an actual log home to get a sense of how it is to live in one. Many dealers represent major manufacturers of log homes and they have access to homes they have sold. When visiting such a home, you can take videos or still photos.Note the architectural detail you admire and present it to the person who will design your log house.
  • Incorporate design features that will protect the wood – Some design considerations for cabin houses should be regarded as mandatory since they affect the long term structural condition of the house. Wood suffers when it’s exposed to repeated wetting and drying and direct sunlight. In order to ensure maximum longevity for the logs, make sure that the house has a high foundation and wide roof overhangs.
  • Construct a machine profiled log house – This is a house which is built of logs that have run through a manufacturing process meant to get rid of imperfections and natural features of the log. The logs are converted into timber that is consistent in appearance and size.
  • Simplify the design – You can reduce building costs by designing a home to be built in stages. This may involve planning a small addition or several additions which can be built in sequence as your finances and anticipated needs change. This approach offers the advantage of ensuring the additions conform to the original portion of the home. When all stages are complete, the house will appear as though it was
    built all at once.
  • Consider the actual location of the house – The topography of the land where the house will be built will influence some factors such as the profile of the house. The view will decide where certain rooms and windows should be positioned. Having a design in mind can guide you to a piece of
    land where your home will appear completely appropriate.

When building a wooden house, make sure that you deal with a legitimate company. The company will have a respectable and qualified builders, the necessary machinery and insurance. It will also create a contract that details all the work that will be performed and the materials among others things. The Maharaja Log Homes is one such company. We are a leading manufacturer of wood products that enable our clients to build well designed and innovative log houses. We maintain high standards of quality because our company is ISO certified. Furthermore, our Russian partner is SFC certified. We can satisfy you with our innovative designs of environmentally friendly, safe and durable log homes.

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