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The Maharaja Log Homes is a leading company based in India, dedicated to providing innovative and well-designed wooden construction services. The founders of the company have over 20 years of international experience in the business, especially in Russia. To add to this our partnership with one of the biggest wood processing plants in Siberia has enabled us to marry the best of Russian technology in woodwork to match with Indian style and sensibilities ........

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Our Homes

Maharaja Log Homes are built with most advanced technology ever developed for wooden construction in India and worldwide. Having embodied the craftsmanship of the past with modern demands for comfort living we are in creation and implementation of wooden homes projects which are completely enjoyable in Indian climate conditions and have built already a trend of smart and eco-luxury living.

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Renewable Resource, Sustainable Products

01st  September  2015

Only one primary building material comes from a renewable resource: wood. As it grows, it cleans the air and water and provides habitat, scenic beauty and opportunities for recreation.  As part of ...

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Glulam: Readily Available. Cost Effective. Easily Installed.

01st  September  2015

The laminating process and use of kiln-dried lumber to manufacture glued laminated timbers minimize wood’s natural propensity to check, twist, warp and shrink in-service. Installations remain dimension...

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Modern techniques: Glulam, its engineering strength and dependable quality

01st  September  2015

By combining engineered strength with the warmth and beauty of wood, structural glued laminated timber (glulam) offers designers a multitude of options for large, open spaces with a minimum number of co...

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Wooden villas for Club house in Kolkatta

01st  September  2015

India Green Reality Private Limited is an active developer of green bungalows construction concept on their lands in Ahmadabad and Kolkata. Being a part of their projects Maharaja Environment Technologie...

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